The only travel supplier integration you will ever need
OneConnect is a fully managed, cloud-based supplier aggregation platform that supports over 250 suppliers.

OneConnect is our one-stop solution for supplier integration. You can now have easy access to inventory and availability information from multiple suppliers with just a single integration.

OneConnect enables you be ahead of the competitive travel business industry by providing the following powerful capabilities:

  • Supplier Aggregration: Aggregate inventory from multiple suppliers. Get worldwide coverage and supplier integration in a fraction of time and effort.
  • Deduplication: Group the same hotels that come from various suppliers, which, in turn, allows you to select the cheapest hotel from multiple suppliers or choose hotels from suppliers that provide the highest yield.
  • Streaming APIs: Our asynchronous APIs allow you to consume results as soon as they are returned by suppliers.
  • Multi-room Booking: Seamlessly search for multiple rooms and book multiple rooms together.
  • Cloud-first Architecture: High availability and scalability. You no longer need to worry or compromise on downtime.
  • Plug-and-play Architecture: Flexibility to write your own connectors and plug your own supplier integrations.