Our Content API enables you to provide the most up-to-date static descriptive and media content that you can leverage for your travel websites or mobile applications. Our easy-to-integrate and ready-to-use API provides access to an entire gamut of hotel content attributes with minimal time, cost, and complexity.

Our API automatically aggregates all hotel content attributes from various suppliers and de-duplicates all aggregated hotel content attributes, allowing you faster access to a rich source of extensive hotel content attributes. Amplify your user experience with high-definition images of hotels and add to the aesthetic appeal of travel booking websites quickly, for a rich user experience. You can also leverage this hotel content attributes to run marketing campaigns on specific hotel properties, offering greater margins, or add promotional content to hotel descriptions and attract travelers to book hotels.

HTTP Headers

The following table lists the request headers that you must provide, in standard HTTP 1.1 format, when you call our REST API. Our REST API returns the standard HTTPS response headers. To view example headers, see the headers section of the API sample code in the documentation. You can also read more about header field definitions here.

HTTP Request Header FieldDescriptionSample Value
Tenant ID. This is used to identify the tenant that is making the request. If you do not know your tenant ID, please contact OneConnect Business Team.Demo
*MIME type* of the body of the request. This is used to identify the type of request.application/json
Language in which you want to retrieve the hotel content.
If the hotel content is not available in the language that is set in the `accept-language` header, the API retrieves the hotel content based on the language options (/languageOptions) provided in the Get Hotel Content API request body.
By default, the `accept-language` header is set to `en-US` (English, United States).
IP address of the source that is making the API call. This is required for suppliers who have IP-restricted access to their inventory.
Unique ID that is used to track calls across different external services.ca8da6f6-f2f9-4100-a6fd-cd534ac88967

Endpoint and URL

The endpoint for the Hotel Content API is https://public-contentservice.oski.io/api/hotel/v1.0/content.

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For any query or suggestions, feel free to drop an email to support@one-connect.io