The following table contains a list of terms and their definitions.

asynchronousAsynchronous means that you can poll for the search results from various suppliers as and when they become available, rather than aggregating all the results before returning a single response.
board basisBoard basis is the meal arrangement for your hotel stay. For example, BedAndBreakfast, HalfBoard, or FullBoard.
bounding boxA bounding box is defined by two geocodes representing the top-left and the bottom-right corners of the box. The rectangular geo-region hotel search allows you to easily find hotels that are located within a given bounding box by using geocodes.
discountOfferAn offer where the guest gets a discount of a certain amount on the room rate.
hotel content attributesInformation about the hotel such as the hotel's amenities, policies, and images. The hotel content attributes are obtained from a content provider.
HTTP headersHTTP headers are key-value pairs that are sent in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request and are returned in the HTTP response messages.
hotel chainAn enterprise that administrates, through a unique management a number of hotels located in different areas. They can be total or partial owners of the hotel and they manage their administration, marketing, and promotion.
For example, the Marriot hotel chain includes hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, and Westin. The Accor hotel chain includes hotels such as Sofitel, Ibis, and Mercure.
ID (identifier)A unique identifier (ID). There are different IDs assigned for various entities, such as supplierId, hotelId, sessionId, bookingId, or rateId. You can use these IDs in other API calls.
For example, you must provide the sessionId in the Get Hotel Search Results API when you want to retrieve the hotel search results.
loggingThe act of maintaining a log that records the data related to various events that occur when an application is working or when there is an application exception.
Logging assists in retracing the events that occurred and helps to understand the exception that resulted in an error or failure.
map-based searchMap-based search uses on-screen maps and allows the user to select the region, which can then be used as the area to search for properties or hotels in the Initiate Hotel Search API request.
For example, you can provide an on-screen map and allow the user to select a rectangular region. You can then use the geographic coordinates of the selected map region as the area where the hotel search must be performed.
negotiated rateA contracted rate or discounted rate offered to the OTA on which the OTA can apply their own markup and sell to the customer.
opaque rateAn opaque rate is a rate offered by the supplier to the OTA that the OTA can sell to the customer only as a package with another product.
online travel agency (OTA)An online travel agency is a web-based travel company that allows you to book hotel rooms, flights, train tickets, or rent a car.
offerSupplier-specific promotional offers, such as discountOffer, percentageDiscountOffer, and stayOffer.
Promo codeAn alphanumeric code that allows customers to get a promotional discount on an item. Usually, the promo code is entered by the customer in the promotional box in the checkout page of an online shopping website to obtain a discount on the item.
published rateA published rate is the industry term for a rate that is available in the market, to the general public. The OTA earns the commission as provided by the supplier.
promotional rateA promotional rate is a discounted rate offered by the OTA to the customer only if the applicable promotional conditions for the rate that is set by the supplier or the OTA are met by the customer
polygonal searchA search pattern that allows you to easily find hotel content for hotels that are located within a particular area or a bounding polygonal region by using geocodes.
radial searchA search pattern that allows you to easily find hotels that are located within a specified distance or radius from a given point of interest or location. This location is also called as the reference point or the center.
rectangular searchA search pattern that allows you to easily find hotels that are located within a rectangular region or a given bounding box by using geocodes.
room occupancyNumber of guests that can stay in a room.
refId (reference ID)A reference ID (refiId) is assigned to identify a specific instance of an entity.
For example, the /itineraries[]/roomOptions[]/refId, is a unique ID that is used to identify a specific room. The value returned in the /itineraries[]/roomOptions[]/refId field is referenced in the rateOccupancy/roomRefId field, to identify this specific room in the Get Hotel Search Results API response.
stayOfferAn offer provided where the guests usually gets a certain number of free nights based on the stay duration.
star ratingIndicates the quality of services at the hotel. For more information, read about Hotel Ratings.
supplierA supplier is from whom you obtain the appropriate hotel pricing and room inventory.
stay periodIndicates the complete stay duration at the hotel, including when the guest wants to check in and check out of the hotel.
synchronousSynchronous means that you can aggregate all the search results from various suppliers before returning a single response.

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